Business Package Insurance

Packaging all your insurance needs into one convenient package. The benefit of this is Dove Insurance & Risk Brokers will ensure the package is tailored to your businesses requirements. Depending on your business type, you may not need one type of insurance but require more coverage in another area.

Dove brokers ensure they get to know your business by asking the right questions to find out exactly what your business requirements are. We’re available to come out to your premises to assess the building, contents and find out more about your business. Our experienced staff can also provide valuable information following an on-site survey of your premises.

Depending on your type of business your Business Package insurance can cover:

  • Building and contents
  • Theft of money or stock
  • Business interruption after an insured event
  • Liability for personal injury or property damage
  • Breakdown of machinery
  • Computer equipment
  • Tax audit investigation

There is a package that we can tailor to suit your business. You’re welcome to send in a copy of your existing policy if you would like one of our experienced brokers to check you are fully covered for a range of circumstances.  See if we can’t offer you a better deal by calling 08 9248 1280 or complete the contact us form and we’ll be in contact very soon.


Did you know?

If part of your building (a cool room for example) is made of extruded poly, your insurer may refuse your fire damage claim. The material is both flammable and toxic to fire fighters so they may not enter the building to fight the fire. It’s why Dove will visit your premises to complete a building assessment and offer advice of reducing fire risk.