Home & Contents

With so many options to choose from, Dove Insurance & Risk Brokers will do all the hard work in sifting through available policies to find the policy that best suits your home and contents. We provide insurance policies for properties throughout Australia including those in fire and flood risk zones.

If you are unsure of the value of your building or contents, our brokers are happy to assist you. Also if your current policy is due for renewal we can review it and advise you if we think you should renew it or move to a policy more suited to your circumstances.

Optional extra levels of cover available include:

  • Portable cover for items that leave your home ie jewellery and laptops
  • Specified items cover for high value items that aren’t covered in a general contents policy
  • Fusion cover for appliances with motors that may burn out

Dove Insurance & Risk Brokers is proactive in communicating with home and contents clients whose properties are at risk of fire. Whether it’s a work day or weekend, when we hear of a fire in progress with property at risk we’ll run a report that lists clients in the area to send an email or message wishing them well and providing our contact number in the event their property is damaged.


Put our experience to the test and call us on 08 9248 1280 or complete the contact us form.


Did you know?

If you have antiques or artwork in your home they may not be covered by your current insurance policy. Dove Insurance & Risk Brokers are available to come out and assess the contents of your home to find the best insurer for your contents.